As one of the most dominant player Nick Young jerseys for sale in NBA history, "sharks" o 'neill has unparalleled talent. But in a recent interview, Mr Fat admitted in the age of the players didn't train hard.

During the lakers play, while shaq and kobe formed a pair of powerful duo, but because of the deepening contradiction between cheap Nick Young jerseys supply the two people, eventually falling apart. O 'neill said in an interview, however, he actually has been working hard to motivate kobe Bryant.

"I have to think of some way to get him with high level, and I realize that we are the same people, we all don't like criticism, and will transform criticism into power." O 'neill said. "kobe is such a person, if I speak ill of him, he will work on the pitch for 50 points. I think it is working."

"Zen master" phil Jackson once said, wholesale Nick Young jerseys from china in o 'neill's talent, if he is more hard training, so he can win 10 MVP.

To this, o 'neill's response was: "in Allen iverson's words: 'we are talking about practice?' I efforts in training? No, never. Let me tell you why. And I met, they are all cheap Nick Young jerseys free shipping under me. So, in order to prove that they deserve to be an NBA player, they will touch (close) to me. This is my philosophy of life. I won't be touching twice, I wouldn't be defeated in the training and competition. So I will be in training cheap Lakers Nick Young jerseys to relax, and then go all out in the game."

Although once and kobe Bryant appear irreconcilable contradictions, but over the years, shaq and kobe Bryant have their differences. In the interview, o 'neill even ambitious OK combination is the best duo in NBA history.

"I just think sometimes he (Bryant) is not in the right way to play. I also know that he sometimes think I don't work hard training, but again, (we this union) works. Three-peat." He said, "we will become the most talked-about, the most unfathomable, combination of the most controversial, and is also the best in the history of the combination."

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