Next summer thunder star Kevin durant on the free market is the biggest, although there is a year, but a lot of teams have started to clean up the space for this, the early getting ready. The outdoor sports stadium, the rockets will be the next summer thunder and wizards biggest competitors, then they may give up Howard, using harden to persuade durant to join us.

As is known to all, now the alliance teams to get Kevin durant, the outdoor sports stands also for the team to get the four-time scoring wholesale jerseys from china champion, the probability of rocket, the thunder and the wizards were ranked in the first leg, become the Ming Xia Dulan is most likely to join the team.

In recent two years, the thunder Lord plagued by injuries, last season in brooke durant, Wisconsin and barca are health played 27 games, the thunder's record of 18 - and to know the odds can be ranked second in the west. One western executives said, "it is hard to imagine that Kevin durant will leave such an wholesale jerseys online environment, this team has been loaded, if they can stay wholesale jerseys reviews healthy, so will be the biggest favourites."

Wizards offseason on hold, is enough to show their determination to want to get Kevin durant, next year's bill this summer qualified to renew the contract in advance, but wholesale jerseys vip he paid demands temporarily didn't get the response team, obviously the wizards do this is to have a more flexible salary cap space to chase Kevin durant.

As for the rockets, despite their trading obtained ty Lawson, but on the whole offseason antonio-dallas stratosphere is surprisingly calm, to the general manager daryl morey consistent style of work, wholesale jerseys free shipping he won't let this opportunity sign to big players.

According to ESPN reporter mark stein previously reported that the rockets want harden to recruit the former former teammates, and they also has the condition to do so.

Howard has players next summer options, this may affect the rockets chase durant's plan. If the rockets want to harden, durant and Howard at the same time, they have to consider the Lawson's contract, 2016-17 Lawson contract are affordable, morey can remove his contract first, and then use a similar brewer, middle level salary contract with him.

Of course not wholesale jerseys nike rule out the possibility of the rockets give Howard, now also has a young team basket protector card peralta, wholesale jerseys cheap terrence Jones and other motel yunus can play 5.

Anyway, the rockets' frontcourt talented players, they have also been prepared to a championship, so Kevin durant still has a lot of chance to join in Houston.

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